Welcome to the Studio!

I did a thing during the pandemic. I wouldn;t say I am impulisive – I tend to think things thru for months before I make a big decision – and this was no different. I have been talking about a glowforge for YEARS! But in August, on a car ride with a friend a plan took place and within a week I had ordered a shiny blue c02 laser. More on that another time!

When the reality of the big blue beast sank in, I realized I needed to generate revenue to pay for the space it was taking in my head and bank account.

And then I had a thought…

I work in marketing and I am often in front of a small business making recommendation on how to improve their marketing on a shoestring budget. Often I think my suggestions to reach online consumers fall flat. I am confident my recommendations are sound – but can’t show them a customer who put my plan to work and made it successful.

Now I have an opportunity to take a brand new business – Farther North Studio – and implement all of my recommendations. And do it on a limited budget, working a full time job, juggling multiple projects and responsibilities.

I will be working on this is steps, adding elements and revising as I go.

First steps:

  1. Learn how to use the laser without burning the house down
  2. Logo design and business card
  3. Set up branded email address
  4. Create a facebook business page
  5. Test the market for my products
  6. Source materials
  7. Build out a website for e-commerce
  8. Build an etsy shop
  9. Test Market for my products
  10. Create an Instagram account
  11. Learn how to take staged photos
  12. Get customer reviews/feedback
  13. Create a blog
  14. Create a pinterest account
  15. Begin testing marketing with conversion goals

And with that – here we go!