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Just a Few Things…

Change is in the air….

It is official, we have sold Brookside and Fern Creek Apartments. As we say goodbye to our apartment tenants and we will miss them, it is with great excitement that we can say there are new developments in the works.We are in the beginning stages of building our duplexes and we will keep all of you updated as we make our way to completion.

Our Live/Work Lofts at the Work Centre were a success in Traverse City and we thank all of you for the positive comments and recommendations.

Its Here!!

We are happy to announce that the Work Centre is now complete and ready to move in. We have some rented already but there are a few left! This is a concept that is fairly new in Traverse City yet it is being well received. I hear comments such as “these are so cool” to ” this is more like what I wanted then the loft I bought in Chicago”. We are very excited about this project and also happy that it is complete! Stay tuned as there are other surprises in the works! Every one have a happy spring and I will be updating when we release our next venture!



Coming soon!!!

We are happy to announce that our new project “The Work Centre” is underway! Upon completion The Work Centre will have 7 work/live loft units. This is where you will be able to have your small business and your living quarters in the same space, yet will be able to have some division between work and home as well. This project will have a polished industrial look and feel. If this is of interest to you or someone you know, please contact us for further information!!

Our beloved pets….

Please remember to keep your dogs on a leash and walk in the designated areas for your complex. Always clean up after your pet to help keep our facilities clean and disease free so we can continue to be a pet friendly atmosphere. We have expanded our pet walking areas in the back of our Fern Creek Apartments. There are now wood chipped walking trails to Mitchell Creek. Please grab your dog and check it out!

New Addition….

We have purchased and are in the process of cleaning up the lot between Fern Creek and Brookside. This piece of property will be where you can walk and play with your pets and have a little more room for the kiddos to play. Once we are finished cleaning it up of any debris we will send out an email giving everyone the go ahead to use it! Stay tuned!